Word from the Holy Spirit. 2017 shall be the year of reward. Many of you have done the will of God. This is the year by faith and patience to inherit rewards. The purple reign of Obama shall come to ruin. The NWO shall not prevent the rising of the saints on American soil by Great Awakening. How Great Thou Art. University Choir and Orchestra UCO Cal Baptist University You may comment on vids @ https://apostlelauralee.com/blog/ A post is generated for each vid. I no longer allow comments on YT.
To give to support this YT channel and in appreciation for my ebooks, meetings, and public speaking, https://apostlelauralee.com/give/ (Paypal giving).https://graceexplosion.com (Stripe giving).

https://apostlelauralee.com is my video/audiobook and speaking/house gathering info site.

https://graceexplosion.com is my book library site.

The Lost Story is a book I have written with revelation of scripture more powerful than words can say. Delivers clear revelation of Jesus by seeing 80% more than John Calvin and other theologians saw of God’s plan. The Melchisedec revelation is 50% of the revelation of God the Son. It is seen only by line upon line and precept upon precept revelation that has escaped theologians for 2000 years. The endtime move releases this most vital and powerful revelation. 50% more revelation of Jesus – God the Son – is seen when gaining the revelation of God the Son in the Melchisedec priesthood line upon line and precept upon precept; then another 30% bridges the milk and strong meat of the gospel to bring forth the eternal whole counsel plan of God with the 80% revelation that prior Reformed theologians like John Calvin missed.

The Lost Story delivers the strong meat of the Word that empowers the endtime move of the Spirit and the Church of Philadelphia’s escape from tribulation. You can get that book at https://graceexplosion.com.

Other powerful books on spiritual warfare training and the revelation of the Word that empowers with strength to arise in the endtime move.

http://philadelphiaprayer.com is the site for Grace Explosion Prayer Center where we pray Philadelphia Prayer: II Chronicles 7:14.

http://transvestigator.com exposes the baphomet satanic illuminati NWO transgender agenda.

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