Ezekiel asked me to share on the matter of Gnosticism… and distortions that preach a different gospel than the gospel of the Holy Bible. Please see his remark below. First, in addressing the matter, we must think about what produces death. People die. Because people die, then there is a principle moving that is death and produces death. This principle is proven valid and active in the world. Because, in a perfect world, there would be no death. So, what is producing death is short of perfection. The scripture says, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. The glory of God is the perfection in which there can be no death. So, the falling short of that perfection is the principle that produces death. The Bible calls this “sin”.

Now, what I will say is that if the sin that produces death is removed, then we can live forever in the glory of God restored to us. The Bible says this is a reconciled relationship with God who is the Spirit of Glory: Perfection.

What does Gnosticism “do with sin”? The Bible tells us that God the Father sent Jesus Christ to be the propitiation for our sins… to be our Savior… to save us from our sins and restore us to God the Father. (Perhaps when I do an article I will put a lot of scripture here… but at present… I will ask people to think.)

When we look for a religion we have to look for truth from God that addresses the topic of sin. Because sin is what produces death.

Christianity tells us that the blood of Jesus is the power that fully removes sin. It’s a wonderful miracle that God wrought on the cross in Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. Because Jesus was Perfect in Spirit being God in Spirit and the Truth… when the devil came to kill Jesus and Jesus took the sin on Himself that He was not guilty of… it destroyed the devil. (Hebrews 2:14).

It’s a remarkable thing. A miracle of God. Spiritual law made manifest. You see, Jesus Christ had done no sin and so death had no legal right to work in His body. So, when the devil in his own malice and envy moved to kill the King of Glory… and Jesus was fully innocent of all wrong… death itself was destroyed and the spirit of the devil which is the spirit of sin which held the power of death was destroyed.

The devil “wiped himself out”. He had no legal right to kill Jesus. Jesus had never sinned.

So, when the devil killed Jesus who had never sinned, “the books were settled” in Heaven in the body of Jesus Christ. It’s so remarkable it’s incredible.

Jesus Christ who is Life and the devil who is death and holds the power of death “converged” in the body of Jesus Christ. God in Spirit indwelt the body of Jesus who is God made a man. The devil entered the flesh of Jesus Christ WITH NO LEGAL RIGHT TO DO SO for Jesus had committed NO SIN! This trespass of satan (which God of course permitted and the devil was driven to do) into the body of Christ… was his undoing!

It was the devil who caused the death of Jesus Christ. The devil is the spirit of sin and death and the devil who is the spirit of sin held the power of death.

Jesus died in His flesh because the devil was in His flesh. But not because of any sin that Jesus did. Rather, God permitted the devil to trespass Jesus without any legal right to do so… and this was the undoing of satan. For the spiritual law of sin and death was thus REVERSED on God’s LEGAL RIGHT to raise Jesus from the dead!! Because Jesus had not sinned.

Moreover, the devil could not take Jesus to hell. (Those who say that Jesus went to hell after His death… no, Jesus said on the cross “It is finished”.)

Something so MIRACULOUS at the POINT OF DEATH happened in the body of Jesus Christ. Sin and death was in the flesh of Jesus Christ. Because the devil trespassed wtihout any legal right and sin and death that was the sin of the whole world came upon the flesh of Jesus by the permission of God and the trespass of satan against God for Jesus had not sinned.

I have truly seen it by the Spirit of God!

When the Spirit of Jesus Christ LEFT THAT BODY… all the spirit of the devil – the sin and death – which was not the sin of Jesus at all but was the unlawful trespass of satan against God – that was in the flesh of Jesus – was BLOWN OUT OF THE FLESH OF JESUS BY THE SPIRIT OF JESUS WHO IS LIFE LEAVING THAT BODY!

The devil was thus destroyed.

Because the spirit of sin and death (the devil) was in the flesh of Jesus with no right nor power lawfully “to be there”. It was trespass. And because it was trespass of the devil into the body of Jesus… when Jesus left that body… the Spirit of God and the spirit of the devil FULLY COLLIDED WITH ONE ANOTHER in that mortal body (that had died). It was the point of contact of the point of conflict of Heaven and hell – the body of Jesus on the cross. The Spirit of God and the spirit of the devil “hit one another” the moment that the Spirit of Jesus left that body.


And, so, in the body of Jesus Christ in that moment… the devil was fully destroyed OUT of the FLESH and BODY of Jesus Christ on that cross! PRAISE JESUS!

The victory was fully won on the cross of the destruction of sin…. and the destruction of the devil who is the spirit of sin who held the power of death.

In the body of Jesus on the cross. It’s where the point of contact of the conflict was made manifest when the Spirit of Jesus left the body on the cross.

And so it was done.

It was finished on the cross in the body of Jesus.

No other religion can give us truth in spiritual law that shows us the full destruction of the spirit of sin – the devil – him who held the power of death. Only Jesus on the cross.

So, every other religion lies to deny the reality of the power of satan in the sin and death of the human race. Denying the reality of sin and death at work – the devil – in the human race does not remove and destroy the devil – sin – the power of death.

But Jesus did once for all on the cross in a completed work.

So, God sends the Holy Spirit to tell the story of God made a man on the cross who died and destroyed the devil – him who held the power of death – on the cross taking away the sin of all the world.

It is finished.

When you seek a religion to know truth… seek a story of a completed work that once for all destroys the power of death.

Jesus is the only Person who is the true Savior. All else is mythology. The true gospel tells the story of God made a man who destroyed him who held the power of death once for all in a completed work that is finished.

Hebrews 2:14 Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;

John 1:29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

And now, we must believe to receive the power of this salvation by the Holy Spirit being born of God’s Spirit.

This is the true gospel.

And now, dear elect trapped in the lies of Gnosticism, would you please see Jesus on the cross and understand the spiritual laws at work unseen… and understand why God in the Old Testament told the story of sacrifice and cleansing from sin in a pattern of Jesus – the Lamb of God – who was to come?

Jesus destroyed him who held the power of death on the cross and took away the sin of the whole world in His death.

And when you see this… you see the once for all conclusion of the matter… and God calls you to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and be saved trusting in His work on the cross and the power of His blood.

Jesus destroyed him who held the power of death on the cross and took away the sin of the whole world in His death.


EZEKIEL MY FRIEND SAID: I’m witnessing a strong delusion going on concerning Gnosticism and so called truthers. I was thinking you could touch on how they believe in a false Christ and Goddess and how that plays into the Vatican’s plans for a one world religion of Gnosticism mingled with Islam and Hinduism. This whole movement comes out of Egyptian religion mingled with Judaism. They believe Jesus is just one of many gods and the God of the Old Testament was created by a Goddess who made him evil. They believe the goddess Sophia gave the spark of divinity to Adam, but not to Eve. It’s a very disturbing distortion of Christianity where Christ and Jesus are two beings called aeons. These people who believe this false doctrine are very adamant they are superior to Christians who read the Bible. We both tried to council a mutual friend at the same time in this deception, who unfriended me after I cautioned against throwing out the Old Testament. I don’t know if she unfriended you, but she is and many others are still in deep deception over Gnosticism’s teachings. Thanks and God bless in Jesus name.

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