You see, my knees buckle. My armor folds. I hit the ground… with a thud. And buffeting ensues. Labor pains. Because I surrendered to crying. And it is the devil who has lured me out of my armor. He’s deceived me. It makes no sense! I’ve lost my wits! I’ve taken my eyes from Jesus!

But if I would prostrate myself before God in such moments… so much more quickly would my eyes come off the wicked one and his storm and tempest.

And I would return to looking to Jesus with my focus upon God… and feeling the Holy Spirit… instead of feeling the buffeting “of the thorn” as Paul put it.

Seems wise to me.

The Holy Ghost may be… giving me a key to victory.

Because stepping out to answer my call… is where I am vulnerable and weak… and I don’t need this.

Who would enjoy satan buffeting your soul?

The more powerful the anointing that is being “birthed” (breaking forth from Heaven and broken forth brought forth into the earth realm)… the more powerful the buffeting.

Mine is more intense than Paul endured. (This is the full stature move.)

Really, I don’t want to experience that buffeting again.

And it seems God is showing me some strategy… reminding me of what I know… and telling me when to remember to apply what I know.


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