Excerpt from The Lost Story:

The Lost Story must be revealed by the Holy Spirit so all saints can see the mystery of grace hidden in God in Christ from the foundation of the world.  Saints must gain the context of eternal thinking to see God’s “long-range plan” or “eternal whole counsel plan” revealed by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God.  When we see by the Word and Spirit of God that the Genesis creation is a realm of incarnation and recreation from beginning to end in Christ Jesus, we can see God has the whole world in His hands from Alpha to Omega – beginning to end.

The temporal mindset can see no continual line of Heaven through Jesus Christ in an eternal plan.  The temporal mind can only see “here and now” on earth in time in flesh as human beings with Heaven being “different and later”.  The temporal mind thinks in a line fragment and time fragment mode of thought.  The natural mind, the temporal mind, wears blinders that prevent the saints from seeing that Jesus Christ is Himself the line of this Genesis creation from Heaven in eternity as an eternal line.  Jesus Christ Himself being in Spirit the Eternal Spirit of God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end, of the Genesis creation from the Alpha of this creation to the Omega of this creation, beginning to end.

Jesus Christ Himself is a continuous and eternal line from Heaven incarnating Heaven into the Genesis creation.

Jesus Christ Himself was given by God the Father and planned in an eternal plan of God’s grace before the beginning, from beginning to end, and even after the end, to recreate the Genesis creation as the earth and heavens of the First Estate of Heaven.  This is an eternal plan of God the Father so much larger and greater than any “line fragment” or “time fragment” or “age” on earth in time in flesh as human beings.  It is greater than anything any of us will experience as human beings in this world.  It is an eternal plan greater than this world and greater than us in this world.  It is a plan of the recreation of the First Estate of Heaven and the replenishing of the population thereof.

The temporal mindset sees earth as “separate and distinct” and mankind fighting a battle for survival here and now as in Darwin’s survival of the fittest.  Survivors go to Heaven and others go to hell.

The temporal mindset (paradigm or worldview) is peripherally blind.  The temporal mind lacks peripheral vision  by which “before time” and “before the Genesis creation” are seen.  The temporal mind lacks peripheral vision to see the eternal context of God’s eternal whole counsel plan.  The temporal mind, as the result, cannot comprehend the temporal existence of human beings on earth in time in flesh in light of eternity in God’s eternal whole counsel plan hidden in Christ.

The temporal mindset thinks in a blinded temporal context that generates logical fallacies.  The logical fallacies generated produce misunderstanding.  Seeing through the glass darkly wearing temporal blinders distorts scripture out of context.

It is not possible to rightly divide the Word of Truth in fullness until temporal blinders are removed and the eternal context of the eternal whole counsel plan of God is seen.  Until the temporal blinders are removed, saints misunderstand God and His Word. They do not see the face of God clearly nor understand the Word of God in its eternal context.

Imagine that you see God sitting on His Throne.  God is sitting on His Throne seeing His whole plan for the Genesis creation before the beginning, beginning to end, and after the end (at Omega).

God sees His plan in Jesus as an eternal plan.  In, through, of and by Jesus Christ our Lord, God the Father is incarnating Heaven in the Genesis creation.  God’s eternal plan, through the Lord Jesus Christ, is to destroy darkness.  God’s eternal plan is to recreate the earth and heavens of the First Estate of Heaven in the Genesis creation as the Genesis creation.

In the end of God’s wonderful eternal plan darkness will be destroyed. The First Estate of Heaven will be replenished in population. All will be well on the recreated earth and Heaven of the First Estate of Heaven with New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven above thereupon.

This is God’s eternal plan and purpose in Christ Jesus our Lord that God the Father is bringing to pass.  All is well that ends well.  God the Father clearly sees His plan from beginning to end and it’s ending that He Himself is bringing to pass by His own will, counsel, plan, and Spirit.

Imagine that God the Father seeing His whole eternal plan, is looking down from His Throne from New Jerusalem above upon mankind.  Mankind believe they have been set in a secondary creation in which they are fighting a Darwinist survival of the fittest.  The saints believe this creation is all about mankind  waging a contest of competition to see who spends eternity where.  The saints believe they are competing with one another to see what reward who gets greater than another.  The saints believe that this whole Genesis creation and life on earth is a contest and a test; a competition like Darwin’s survival of the fittest in which they determine their own destiny and their own reward.

They would be “missing the mystery” thinking temporally in an eternal reality.  Their temporal paradigm would be so off-center and out of context, they would make logical error after logical error thinking in terms of a logical fallacy.  They would be thinking they are in a temporal realm in which they battle in and of themselves to determine their own eternal destinies.  They would be thinking temporally looking forward to the eternal, not realizing eternity and thinking eternally right here right now to bring the Kingdom on earth as in Heaven.

It’s not true that we are to think temporally in a temporal realm battling in and of ourselves as temporal persons to determine our own eternal destinies.  It is not true that we are “in the temporal outside the eternal”.  As saints, we are in the world but not of it.  We are in a temporal world but we are not temporal beings of a temporal reality trying to establish our own eternal destinies in and of ourselves apart from God.  We are not “performing for God” as saints to determine our own outcomes apart from God.  Rather, we are on a temporal earth in temporal bodies still in eternity at the same time as we live in the midst of a temporal stage of God’s larger eternal whole counsel plan.

A person thinking temporally would “think” that they in and of themselves make a “quantum leap” from the temporal to the eternal from the power and strength of their own temporal “personhood”.  That is not how spiritual reality works.  Rather, by the grace of God and according to His own strength and power, we are spiritual beings in our spirits who have made a “quantum leap” into a temporal realm in God’s own Sovereign will and plan.  As saints, we are spirits born of God born from New Jerusalem above and we are in the world but not of it.  Human flesh is merely a clay vessel and a “garment” that we are as spiritual persons from New Jerusalem from above temporarily “wearing” in a temporal first creation.

Please meditate and pray about it, but temporal thinking causes saints to “see the quantum leap backwards”.  When you “see the quantum leap backwards”, then you are hindered, blocked, resisted, and opposed by the enemy from this level entrance into the Kingdom.

In one of those paradoxes of faith, it is when we “see the quantum leap as it is” all the keys of revelation and the Kingdom begin to function in power.  The doors of the Hallway of Revelation open in greater number unto the last door.  We climb Jacob’s ladder higher and higher unto the last rung.  We will gain power to leave this world by the key of David, the last rung on Jacob’s ladder, the last open door in the Hallway of Revelation, the opening of the ark of the covenant in Heaven of the mercy seat in Christ.  The Heart of Jesus seated at the right hand of God the Father will open to us to pour out the fullness of His Heart and Spirit to us to fill us with His Spirit in transfiguration glory.  The lightning and thunder of the coming of the Kingdom on earth as in Heaven will release as it says in Revelation 11:19.  The transfiguration glory anointing by which we enter Zion in entire sanctification unto transfiguration will traverse the open door from Heaven to earth.  The Heart of Jesus in Grace Explosion will release transfiguration glory to our hearts on earth through the open door.

We must “reorder our thinking” thinking spiritually and eternally to see and know “how and why” to bring the Kingdom on earth as in Heaven by spiritual means.  We are “running against the wind” of the Holy Spirit when we think that we are temporal beings trying to make a temporal quantum leap in and of ourselves in our own strength and power into eternity in Christ.  It’s backwards and upside down thinking.  It is not the reality hidden in God in Christ from the foundation of the world.  It is not the reality of how the Kingdom of Heaven functions in and through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The eternal whole counsel plan of God must be unearthed, revealed, and aligned so that we can inwardly align in power to make what is like unto a “quantum leap” on this earth into Zion.  (For those who do not enjoy this level speech, those of us who do enjoy discussion of spiritual quantum physics in the Spirit of God as an allegorical manner of parable by which to comprehend the living dynamic power of the Holy Spirit in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ appreciate your patience and forbearance.)

Wearing temporal blinders causes saints to place too much weight and focus on themselves in the stage they are in because they cannot see the face of God and the larger plan more clearly.

The flesh and the old man cries out to the spirit man born of God, the new man, “Who do you think you are?”

God by His Spirit cries out to our spirit man born of God to strengthen us to resist the devil, the flesh, and this world, “Remember who you are!” in the context of remembering God.

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