My book edit is going well.  Vast improvement – from my view. Fixing sentence structures.

It was hard to break forth that level breakthrough revelation.  Challenging to put in human words… things so deep in the Spirit. So, sentence structures need work – though the concepts were set forth necessary for the endtime move to break forth in power.

Want to finish this weekend.  I read fast and type 100 wpm.  So, will see how long this takes me.

Thinking about speaking… which was previously impossible for me to think about without buffeting. There are reasons.  But won’t get into them.

Just thinking. Two things that I am happy with and enjoy.  When I speak and the windows of Heaven open and the Holy Spirit pours out in manifest power.  I do enjoy that occurrence and experience for myself and others.  Second, when I stand to speak and the Spirit comes upon me personally so that the spiritual warfare battle field opens to me and I step into the plane of battle to do warfare.

I remember speaking and the windows of Heaven opening and the Spirit pouring out in manifest presence and power.  That I enjoy. I remember when the Spirit came upon me and I could see into the First Estate of Heaven and could see the principalities and powers also in the 2nd Heaven over the church… and did warfare to cast them down.  That I enjoy.

I enjoy manifest warfare on the spiritual warfare battlefield… being made for war.

I enjoy the windows of Heaven opening and the Holy Spirit pouring out in manifest power.

I enjoy those things.

I don’t enjoy playing church.

Either people want to press in to the higher levels… or I am not interested.   I’m just not interested.  I’d rather stay home.  It’s boring to me.  And frustrating.  Like being held to a lower level with the whole group than what I can attain if given the floor.

So, not going in that scenario.

And because I have been so withdrawn… I’m not 100% sure I could step into the Spirit in a group dynamic if I had the floor.  Meaning, I’m not sure I could perform to my level… really.  Not sure I’d hit the mark where the Spirit comes upon me in power.

But that’s how I feel about it today.

A vast difference from thinking about it just days ago… and my armor folding… and being buffeted.

The operation of the power gifts of the Spirit have strengthened me.

I can now think comfortably about doing it.

So, that’s better.

I’m like I was in school when it was so frustrating that I didn’t want to go.  Because everything was held down to such a low level… there was no place for me and my gifts in it.  That’s the same way the body of Christ is to me.  And I’m in no frame of mind to go if not to hit apostolic levels… really.

We’d have to go for goal.  Then see if I could loosen up and hit my mark.  And if not, I would with practice.  Because apostolic power gifts and anointing are my set point inside.

Just my thoughts for today.

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