I have these hypocritical gnashers and faultfinders try to condemn me for saying, “my ministry”.  As if this means I am doing my ministry myself!  I answer, “Do you consider it a great sin to say ‘my car’ or do you say ‘Jesus’ car’?”

Do they think the word “my” is “evidence!!!” I am “all about me” and “God is not in Laura’s ministry!”??  It’s ridiculous how they try to make me an offender for a word.

Yet, my doctrinal position of faith is that my salvation is 100% Jesus / 0% me.  And most of these think they save themselves by their own works, wills, and ways.  Who is really all about “me”?  It is shown in one’s faith stand in doctrinal position.

When I say “my ministry”… I know full well that it is 100% Jesus 0% me in the work of the Holy Spirit in my life.  I merit, gain, or maintain nothing myself.  Jesus did it all on the cross and is doing it all in me by God’s own Sovereign will, plan, grace, love, and power through Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost.  Do they believe with such purity of faith?  No.

Yet, they try to condemn me over a word… because the Word in sound doctrine is meaningless to them.

What is your doctrine?  That is what matters.  What you believe.

It is the unspoken doctrinal position behind “me, my, mine, and I”.


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