Ppl will say to me, “Well, how is it then, Apostle Laura Lee, that Jesus is coming to fight for you and for the saints of Philadelphia and will strike dead SO MANY before you and the church on American soil? Since ALL God’s grace is in Jesus Christ and He will soon be made manifest in great power in you and this company of saints on American soil? Why would not Jesus love them showing them all grace of the Father, instead of striking them dead before y’all??”

Ans. “Well, God’s ALL sufficient grace is Jesus Personified. You must be IN CHRIST to enjoy sweet fellowship and blessing of grace in Him. God’s wrath abides upon those who believe not the glorious gospel. When God so manifests Himself, and men reject Him, then they are separated from God by sin. And in this separation is not a mere ‘void” of “patience”. No, God’s patience is in Christ by His Spirit as fruit. Outside of this is the wrath of God. And they will be delivered to God’s wrath for destruction in His separation from them in rejection of sin and thus rejection of them in their sin and satan. Just as God’s grace is Personified in Jesus Christ our Lord; the wrath of God is personified in satan. God’s wrath was destroyed in Christ on the cross for satan was destroyed on the cross in the death of Jesus Christ. Hebrews 2:14. All sin and wrath was destroyed in the body of Christ in the death of Jesus on the cross. These who reject Christ and fail and refuse to subject to me and the saints of Philadelphia on American soil are separated from God and His ALL sufficient grace in Christ. The wrath of God, satan, who abides upon them – to this are they delivered unto destruction! Anathema! Jesus destroyed satan on the cross. But, if they are not functionally availed of the destruction of satan in Christ… then they will be delivered unto satan, God’s wrath, for their bodily destruction to remove them from before us. Anathema! We will rule and reign with Christ by the Spirit of God with us. And there is no vote nor choice given to the wicked in the manifestation of God’s Spirit and the manifestation of the sons of God in the endtime move on American soil. You see, spiritual law is being manifested which produces their anathema… by God’s Spirit being made manifested in great manifestation of power. Automatically. Spiritual law. God bless you!”

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