At this time, the end of days, you will see the endtime move of the Spirit – and the endtime apostasy of Rome both.

In the endtime move, Christians will see that Jesus Christ destroyed satan on the cross and that the wicked on the Last Day come through the fire saved:  satan and all sin is destroyed out of them by the bodily return of Jesus, they see Jesus in living power with sin and satan no longer blinding them, they repent, believe, and are saved being regenerated as the Bible says, “Saved by fire”. The endtime church is increasingly gaining this revelation and it will be a powerful upsurge in the endtime move. AND, at the same time, the apostasy of Rome will declare “universal salvation WITH NO SAVIOR and apart from Jesus Christ”.

The apostasy of Rome will be one world religion denying sin and making grace license for sin. The RCC will effectually deny all doctrines of Christian faith of holiness, sin, the necessity of salvation in living regeneration in repentance from sin and faith in Jesus – gutting the entire Bible and replacing with the license of Luciferianism with no salvation or conversion experience in repentance and saving faith.

Mark my words. You will see two forms of Ultimate Reconciliation arise and collide in complete opposition:

1. Christian Biblical Ultimate Reconciliation that holds to all sound doctrine of sin, necessity of salvation from sin, and salvation through Jesus Christ alone whose death destroyed satan in His body and took away the sin of the world.
2. Apostate RCC One World Religion Ultimate Reconciliation which declares “if it feels good do it” saying no one needs to be saved and denying every doctrine of scripture replacing with Luciferianism and devil worship.

The doctrine that hell is eternal will be uprooted. Hell is not eternal.

However, that the damned on the left of Jesus Christ are cast into the lake of fire on the Last Day and come through the fire saved is a Bible doctrine that perfectly corresponds to the whole of scripture. Christians will see this and draw nigh to God in true living faith in the power of the endtime move revealing God’s all sufficient grace in Jesus.

The RCC will take that sound doctrine that all are saved on the Last Day, and turn all sufficient grace into total license for sin and complete denial of the cross and Jesus Christ in a call for all to worship the devil… throwing out the whole of scripture in license for sin.

The early church knew that hell was not eternal. Many true Christians know hell is not eternal. And the number is growing and will spike powerfully in the endtime move.

The RCC brought in the doctrine that hell is eternal to enslave persons to institutionalism, dead religion, and the Roman Catholic Church and pope in dread fear. Now, the RCC will remove that false doctrine gutting the whole of scripture to worship the god of this world who is the spirit of sin: the devil – claiming that the antichrist made sin permissible and there is no such thing as sin or a need for a Savior in the RCC’s complete corruption.

Prepare for the collision of Heaven and hell on earth as we now go into the final hour.

Pope Francis Has Abolished Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven

October 27, 2017 (Sandro Magister)

In the important newspaper “la Repubblica” of which he is the founder, Eugenio Scalfari, an undisputed authority of Italian secular thought, last October 9 returned to speaking in the following terms about what he sees as a “revolution” of this pontificate, in comments by Francis that are derived from his frequents conversations with him:

“Pope Francis has abolished the places where souls were supposed to go after death: hell, purgatory, heaven. The idea he holds is that souls dominated by evil and unrepentant cease to exist, while those that have been redeemed from evil will be taken up into beatitude, contemplating God.”

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