I give my opinion.  As always. I’m not going to make people comfortable in the net of the 666 beast system… all around them.  I’m called to expose and deliver from the snare of satan that persons escape tribulation arising in Christ in revival.  🙂  I don’t need a “nice neat reality”… that makes ppl “comfortable” that “nothing is wrong here”.  It is JUST A PACK OF LIES.  No, something is very wrong here. Satanists ARE the CIA… and they run Hellywood, DC, the news, and corporations/big banks, etc.  Because they are satanists, they fabricated the murder of Jon Bonet Ramsey on Christmas Day.  And it was all, of course, ACTING!  Cindy Williams was playing the role of Patsy Ramsey.  Why?  Because satanists are depraved.  You don’t ask for reasonable behavior from them.  They will do things “their own way”.  This is how they do things.  Everything you see from DC is ACTING… lies… depravity… confusion… and if the world is your “reality” instead of Jesus Christ… that’s why ppl cannot handle the 666 beast system being exposed.  They made the 666 beast system their “foundation” of sense of truth and reality… rather than Jesus Christ and the Bible.  Turn off the TV.  Don’t vote.  Don’t get into politics.  Get into Jesus and read the Bible.  The 666 beast system is ALREADY HERE.  And it’s on TV.  God bless you!
Vid description:  Part 1. Giving my OPINION. Everything matches. Cindy Williams looked 10 yrs younger than her actual age when young. Hollywood ACTRESS Cindy Williams playing Patsy Ramsey PROVES the murder was a hoax.
Brianna C. 1 month ago
I saw your video on Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, and I was shocked at the resemblance when you pointed it out.  I saw it right away.  But at first, with this video, I just didn’t see it.  Cindy Williams is an actress I’m familiar with, so I thought I would have recognized her when she was on the news as Patsy Ramsey, that I would have thought, “She seems familiar but I can’t quite place her.”  Also, Patsy’s eyes seemed bigger.  Anyway, I watched 2 video clips on youtube from  the movie American Graffiti and almost fell off my chair.  There are moments when she looks exactly like “Patsy Ramsey”, a younger version of Patsy.  Even the eyes matched.  Then after listening to Cindy’s voice in the movie, I listened to Patsy Ramsey without looking at her, just listening to the voices.  And there is a DEFINITE similarity,  kind of a whiny inflection, although not exactly the same, because obviously she’s playing a different character .  The only reason I went through the trouble of looking into it further, because at first I just didn’t see it, was when you pointed out the similarity of the ears.  So that’s when I looked for more video of “Cindy”.
It just doesn’t make any sense.  Why?  Why are they doing all of this?  And why use a famous actress instead of hiring an unknown?  Cindy Williams seemed like a nice enough person, at least she didn’t come across as a psycho when she was on Laverne and Shirley.  To pull off this kind of deception is cruel and sick.  What’s even real?  I can understand the agenda behind faking Sandy Hook—gun control.  But this?  I do see the Cindy Williams connection, though.  Once I saw the American Graffiti clips, I could see it.

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