The apostasy of Todd White.  This is RCC cultism denying the Deity of Jesus Christ with Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons, Roman Catholicism, and the New Age.  This is NOT a Christian!  This fake RCC charismania denying the Deity of Jesus Christ is what TBN is and a HUGE fake RCC charismania movement.  It tries to “sneak under the radar” so true Christians don’t see this is as JW, Mormonism, RCC and New Age denying essential doctrine of the Deity of Christ.  Please see comment exchange with a person deluded by TBN, Todd White, and this cult movement falsely portraying itself as pentecostal.  This is NOT pentecostal Christianity.  This is a cult that denies the Deity of Jesus Christ.
Josh Walker 1 month ago
He didn’t live as God on the Earth he walked the Earth as a man anointed with the Holy Ghost. If he lived as God on the Earth he would have never had to been anointed by God. according to acts 10:38 it says that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and Power to go about doing good and healing all those who are oppressed of the devil. God doesn’t have to anoint God.
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Todd White RCC Jesuit In Disguise. FALSE Christian = FALSE Prophet.
Apostle Laura Lee – Church of Philadelphia 1 second ago
This is not Christianity you are speaking.  Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit in human flesh appearing.  According to the flesh He was man; yet, the Spirit of Jesus is God in Spirit come to earth made a man.  Jesus was both God and man from conception.  To say otherwise, is not saving faith… is not biblical faith… and will not produce the Holy Spirit in salvation.  That’s the discussion Josh.  Please see that Jesus Christ is God and always has been God and was God in conception made a man.  That is the whole gospel… and without Jesus being conceived as God made human… it’s equal to Jehovahs Witnesses.  We don’t receive Jehovahs Witnesses as a Christian group.  The body of Christ notes them as a cult with Mormons and Roman Catholics.  Because denying the Deity of Christ is what expels a group outside of Christian faith.  The Deity of Jesus Christ is essential to true Christian faith.  All who deny the Deity of Christ are not Christians.  They are an outside cult falsely stating they are Christian.  Deity of Christ is central to Christian faith.  All outside this centrality preach a different Jesus who is not the Jesus of scripture.  God bless you!
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