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Jezebel. Demonic Activity.

Demonic Acting. Drama Queens. Here is the article. You may comment on vids @ A post is generated for each vid. I no...

Old Ship of Zion

You may comment on vids @ A post is generated for each vid. I no longer allow comments on YT. To give to support this YT channel and in appreciation for my ebooks, meetings, and public speaking,

Ivanka Trump. Man. Fake Pregnancies.

Ivanka vids by Russianvds & Junglesurfer: You may comment on my vid by going to A post is generated...

Public Rebuke. Public Warning.

On a personal level, I have spoken. This is on a ministry level. Public rebuke for pushing at me a SATANIC TRANSGENDER who is possibly a CIA AGENT MONARCH PROGRAMMER to infiltrate my ministry. ALL BECAUSE of this paying heed to dreams and visions. Public rebuke and...

Judas & Fallen Angels. The Third Part.

Going to tell some of the story of Judas to see some things there. And asking if in scripture "the third part" can mean 30% or 3/10 instead of 33.3...% or 1/3. Because, if it can, it would be interesting to carry it through and look for how it opens up scripture or...

Psychiatry is fully satanic.

Showing Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Paul - everyone in scripture is classified as mentally ill/delusional by psychiatry. Public notice. I will not tolerate any spiritual abuse/ persecution/ namecalling / labelling via this satanic system. I will block / contact with me...

David. Man After God’s Own Heart.

David knew God from the time he was a small child. YET, as a man David committed pretty awful sins. Did he lose his relationship with God? No. David was weak in the flesh and sinned. If you judged David according to his flesh not knowing his heart God saw... you'd...

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