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Giving Income & Expense Report


We are now logging gifts… expenses… and showing allocation of gifts to expenses.  Due to the heavy demands of our busy schedules, we are unable to update the giving and expense reports on a daily basis.  Our goal to start 2017 will be to update giving and expense logs on a weekly basis.

God bless!

January 1-31, 2017 Giving

Our goal will be to update once a week.

Please note that we will start the New Year fresh. All expenses that we paid out of pocket from our own income prior to January 1, 2017 will not be carried over for reimbursement out of new giving.  January expenses are listed in another section. All January giving will now be applied to January expenses.  Any shortfall of giving in which general expenses are paid through personal income in January will carry over to February as a shortfall for later reimbursement.

God bless!

DateFirst Initial1st 4 Digits TransactionAmountPaypal, Stripe,
or Mail
Allocated ToAllocation
1/1/2017G27|0$100PaypalJanuary Expenses Divi Annual Renewal $89; Skype Phone # $3 monthly cost; $8 towards MS office monthly cost. Thank you!
1/6/2017M7LG1$200PaypalJanuary Expenses
January 2017 Budgeted General Expenses

Today it is December 30, 2016. Putting projected/budgeted expenses here. Bills we see coming. We’ll adjust as we pay these and add in what new things are/were bought in January. When this is closed out at the end of January, it will be an accurate list of what was spent.

**UPDATE** Today is January 6. Projected general expenses were low… and as projected are fully met. I am presently working to streamline/organize work to delegate to both Sister Lynn and Sister Jay.  What a blessing!  There will be some program costs to give them tools they need plus needed to streamline/organize work.  I do like to pay annually for things.  There is a cost savings of usually 20% when instead of paying monthly we pay annually for various things.  So, additional giving will go to those things… and will save both time and money in so doing.  Also, giving is needed to fund housing expenses. I, Sister Lynn, Sister Jay, and Prayer Warrior Fifi are all working for the Kingdom and this power of prayer we are moving to initiate… as my time eventually gets freed up here from delegating administrative tasks so I can function in apostolic prayer and ministry as called of God… is going to release miracles unheard of.  So, this is very vital to the Kingdom and great ground to sow into… because the treasure hidden in the field is unearthed through this soil and delivered to the endtime church.  Please consider giving today so that we can do our work with joy. God bless!

DateVendorItemPurposeAmountPayment Term 
1/2/2017AgileCRMFor All Ministries$15.00MonthlyMet by M 7LG1.
1/2/2017QBSynch Program & AccountingFor All Ministries$10.00Monthly (6 month special).Met by M 7LG1
1/20/2017ISPHome InternetAll my work - internet$51.00MonthlyMet by M 7LG1.
1/8/2017Elegant ThemesWP Divi Theme ProgramBasics of Websites$89.00AnnualMet by "G 27|0).
1/6/2017GoDaddyDomain Paid through 4-2018$25.16AnnualMet by approx $160 allocated to site. $100.84-134.84 left.
1/10/2017TribulantWP Custom User FieldsSort for when speaking to group subscribers by location to plan for events, notices etc.$25.00AnnualMet. Because CANCELLED (for now)... got CRM instead.
1/15/2017SkypePhone #Apostle Laura Lee...
varied ministry uses
$3.00MonthMet by G 27|0.
1/15/2017MSOffice 365Programs, business skype, etc.$22.00MonthlyMet by G 27|0) $8.00. $15 met by M 7LG1.
1/22/2017RumbleChat ProgramTest for prayer center livestream use for prayer requests$19.00MonthlyMet because CANCELLED. (Haven't time to show saints how to use.)
1/22/2017GSAudio MeetingTesting use for prayer center $3.95MonthlyMet because CANCELLED. (Haven't time to show saints how to use.)
1/26/2017Cisco WebexOnline ConferencingOnline Prayer Meeting Room$24.00MonthlyMet by M 7LG1.
1/26/2017ISPHome InternetFor Prayer Center Leader$34.00MonthlyMet by M 7LG1.
1/27/2017GoDaddyHosting &
$100.84-134.84 allocatedAnnual Hosting &
Met by giving allocated to
1/31/2017MultipleWP Free ProgramsDonations to Plugin Authors$30.00
MonthlyMet by M 7LG1 **Don't have time yet to figure out to which plugin authors to give first. Will try to figure out by month end when thru busy projects. Try to give $5-10/
year to each author of plugins
I use. Website
Total Projected**Pretty much met... will do the math later. Will have some new expenses showing up still this month.
God bless you and thank you for giving! 🙂
January 2017 The 300 & Prayer Warrior Fifi Armory Budget

Startup of Grace Explosion Prayer Center offering up 24/7 II Chronicles 7:14 Philadelphia Prayer began December 25, 2016. Please see more information here. Prayer Warrior Fifi lives outside of the soil of America. We are uncertain regarding international banking regulations related to donations gathered to an American account being routed to a person outside the soil of America.

We will be setting up a separate method of giving directly to Prayer Warrior Fifi that we will call Prayer Warrior Fifi Armory. Prayer Warrior Fifi will be doing additional work in her region for the Church of Philadelphia and will be provided with an armory for her endeavors in the Lord. Yet we will log here the giving to be directed to her for housing in this endeavor. The 300 & Prayer Warrior Fifi Armory are 2 separate giving resource pools.

All expenses that were paid out of pocket from our own income prior to January 1, 2017 will not be carried over for reimbursement out of new giving.  All January giving will now be applied to January expenses.  Any shortfall in which housing expenses are not paid by giving but rather are paid through our personal income in January will carry over to February for later reimbursement.

Please see Philadelphia Prayer for more information unfolding as we set up our Grace Explosion Prayer Center Philadelphia Prayer startup.

God bless!

Prayer Center StaffDescriptionMonthly CostReceivedCarried Over Prior MonthOutstanding
Founder & Director Apostle Laura Lee Housing Expense Allotment$1200$0$0$1200
Leader Sister JayHousing Expense Allotment$1200$0$0$1200
Leader Prayer Warrior FifiHouse Expense $1200$0$0$1200
Giving December 29-31, 2016

DateFirst Initial1st 4 Digits TransactionAmountPaypal, Stripe,
or Mail
Allocated ToAllocation
12/29/2016M9JL4$100 CAD
$72 USD
PaypalAnnual Cost Webhosting & Domain Name SiteIn Progress
12/29/2016 3:43PM ESTK6U16$30 USDPaypalAnnual Cost Webhosting & Domain Name SiteIn Progress
12/29/2016 3:39PM ESTK4LE7$30 USDPaypalAnnual Cost Webhosting & Domain Name SiteIn Progress
12/30/2016J2UP6$20 USDPaypalAnnual Cost Webhosting & Domain Name SiteMet - Will
List Pro
December 18-31, 2016 Expenses

I paid even more December 1-17, and some were annual, but I figured a 10 day window would suffice and it shows a lot of the annual costs. Also does show start up expenses of the Philadelphia Prayer at Grace Explosion Prayer Center.  Prior to this time frame, I had no real focus on giving because I could cover all direct and immediate expenses. Giving helped and I tried out some different programs for when things get busy, so I can be more organized. In fact, because I am going to be doing more things… and people will be giving more… it is a good time to start logging and publishing giving to expenses in an income/expense statement for the saints of Philadelphia. Other charities tend to publish an annual report on request. And they are hard to read and comprehend.  I think I will just publish things basically on this site and in this format.  And in January will start showing monthly giving income and expenses.  God bless!

DateVendorItemPurposeAmountPayment Term  
12/18/2016DbarWP Program - Customize TitlesPrayer Center Signup$9.95Annual
12/18/2016IK GlingWP Program - Admin Menu for multi author admin menu$19.00Annual
12/20/2016ISPHome InternetAll my work - internet$51.00Monthly
12/20/2016GoDaddyDomain NameDomain - Need to Check which one$25.16Annual
12/21/2016GoDaddyDomain NameDomain - Need to check which one$27.52Annual
12/22/2016RumbleChat ProgramTest for prayer center livestream use for prayer requests$19.00Monthly
12/22/2016GSAudio MeetingTesting use for prayer center $3.95Monthly
12/23/2016DBarWP Program - Customize TitlesMeeting Signup - House Gatherings$9.99Annual
12/26/2016Cisco WebexOnline ConferencingOnline Prayer Meeting Room$24.00Monthly
12/26/2016ISPHome InternetFor Prayer Center Leader$34.00Monthly
12/26/2016SplitXVid Livestream EncoderFor Livestreaming Prayer Meetings$199.00Perpetual - One Time Purchase
12/27/2016GoDaddyHosting PlanFor extra websites$72.00
**Going to cancel and get refund - don't like the add-on domain feature
12/28/2016GoDaddyNew Domain & Webhost SpecialMight make money off of this... sidejob... $12.18Annual
12/30/2016TribulantProfessional Newsletter ProgramFor newsletters and subscriptions. I love this program.$60.00Annual - Developers License Renewal (And I thought it might be around $150 to $200 to renew... so very good price.)
New Total$604.09

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